About Semaphore

Semaphore, LLC is a web design and development company. Our clients include fortune 500 companies, non-profits, leading manufacturing businesses, real estate firms, technology firms, and creative companies. If your business has an online need, we create solutions.

We Design Solutions

We design and finish projects by applying the technology or design behind the scenes that makes you or your company better at what you do. We fill in the gaps, and we bring online results.

No two projects are alike, so search or browse our news articles for inspiration, and please contact us with any ideas or questions.

What “Semaphore” Means

Semaphore is a coded form of communication, used to relay information over long distances. Flag semaphore has been in use since the early 1800s, predating Morse code.

We like the name semaphore not because of our difficult web address, but because it represents what we do: we visually communicate through code.